Our Story

Cannon Design was started by a wife and husband team, James and Greta Cannon. They met at a local art show on the Santa Fe Plaza in 1984.  At the time, both were creating and exploring various art mediums, Greta had a line of jewelry using porcelain and James was a leathersmith. 

Shortly after, they merge their businesses into one and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's when Cannon Design was born. A decade later they had their only child, a  daughter, who currently studies in Albuquerque and assists in marketing their jewelry.  Cannon Design is a collaboration of various mediums represented by each other’s love and knowledge of the creative process.

 Over the years, forces of nature have inspired these artists to create pieces using natural objects collected while Traveling the world. Their most recent collection of jewelry shows true distinction. With the incorporation of precious metals, semi-precious stones, Japanese yuzen papers and soft glass tubing, yet another medium was born. Care and attention to detail is reflected in each high quality piece.

In January 2009, James Cannon passed away after a short battle with cancer. Greta has continued to represent Cannon Design and fashion pieces that continue to evolve with time. In turn, this generates a sense of serenity and serves to honor Jamie's beloved presence. It is very rewarding to see her many talents come together in this new creative line. Greta continues to explore beyond the borders of our American culture, and travel annually to pursue her never ending passion for international travel. Inspiration then comes naturally; a simple shift in the daily perspective.  Her jewelry features unique and organic styles that can be worn and enjoyed for generations.

Greta and James cannon Design

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